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IV. Salama Program:

Have you ever thought about the future?

Do you look for a safe and bright future ?

In our life, we may face situations which require our strength. To avoid the possible risks, no doubt that we need support and enough money.

You must take responsibility towards your family. How would you protect them?

You are required to provide your family with enough protection so as to ensure their future against possible risks.

A. What is the solution?

If you save a small amount of your income at intervals, you will be able to save sufficient funds which you may need in the future to avoid any consequences and acts of God. Rest in peace , your safety is our responsibility.

B. How does the Salama program work?

Having such a protection will not constitute an extra burden on you. The installments of the safety programme will be small affordable amounts that could be paid monthly or annually according to your choice (see the example in the following table):

Annual installment

Monthly installment

Sum inssured













The Salama program provides indemnity for any accident which leads to death or permanent disability (total or partial) .

This cover is not limited to Egypt , but extends to any part of the world.

C. You will enjoy the following advantages :

Money will be available for those you care for, despite losing the income … so, keep your peace of mind .

Easy procedure with minimal cost and immediate protection upon concluding the contract … so, keep your peace of mind.

Immediate cover without medical check-up.. immediate and simple procedure ... so, keep your peace of mind.

You deal with one of the largest public sector bank along with one of greatest insurance companies in the world, to protect your family ... so, keep your peace of mind .​