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Investment Service


1.  Establishment of enterprises on behalf of clients and obtaining all approvals, licenses from official agencies, preparing Deeds of Association, Statutes and conducting procedures for attestation, publishing and registration. 

2.  Providing technical advice and expertise for establishment of projects. 

3.  Preparing projects' economic feasibility studies for clients. 

4.  Dissolving companies and taking all monetary, financial, legal and taxation procedures for that purpose. 

5.  Arranging subscription of new projects or increase of capital of existing companies. 

6.  Acting on behalf of clients to pay periodic obligations to agencies and government authorities. 

7.  Handling real estate and agricultural transactions, whether selling or buying, on behalf of clients. 

8.  Registration of company shares in the Central Depository. 

9.  Settlement of inheritance inside Egypt and abroad and splitting inheritance among heirs. 

10.  Promotion of Bonds on behalf of companies. 

11.  Evaluation of company assets and determining the equitable value of shares, in cooperation with specialized accountancy offices. 

12.  Auction services for marketing of real estate of all types. 

13.  Selling and buying real estate, residential flats and administrative units on behalf of clients. 

14.  Arranging exhibitions, seminars and conferences inside Egypt and abroad. 

15.  Promoting industrial and touristic projects, housing and office buildings, villas, summer and winter resorts and direct selling for clients. 

16.  All types of un-traditional services.