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arrow_ttl.gifDurable Goods Murabaha


Product Concept:


A short-term Murabaha program to finance the purchase of durable goods based on the Murabaha process, where the customer first receives a quotation from the supplier. Subsequently, the bank provides the costs of the good to the supplier, and the Murabaha process is undertaken for the customer with an agreed profit margin. The total value of the Murabaha (Murabaha sales value and profit margin) are divided over a set of instalments agreed upon between the bank and the customer.


The Durable Goods Murabaha is provided through the following financing programs:


  1. Employees with an undertaking from the employer to transfer the salary/monthly instalment.
  2. Employees with a certificate of income.
  3. Liberal professionals and business owners with proof of income.
  4. Owners of savings (Egyptians/foreigners).
  5. Pensioners (with/without an undertaking to transfer the pension).


General conditions for granting Murabaha:

  • Competitive interest rate
  • The minimum age is 21 and the maximum age should be 65 at the date of maturity of the Murabaha (on the condition that the maturity date is not later than the employee’s end-of-service date)
  • The maximum value of the Murabaha amounts to EGP 500,000
  • The maximum funding rate is 100% of the trip cost
  • The maximum duration of the Murabaha is 96 months


Main required documents:

  • Application for Durable Goods Murabaha
  • Copy of valid national ID card
  • Recent utility bills (gas/electricity/water/telephone) from the applicant’s residence
  • Certified statement of the value of the good(s) from the supplier(s)



  • Statement of monthly salary
  • Undertaking from employer to transfer salary/monthly instalment


Liberal professionals and business owners

  • Copy of tax card
  • An official certificate from the Commercial Registry for commercial and industrial activities
  • License to practice the profession for self-employed persons
  • Bank statement covering the last six months



  • Statement of the value of the monthly pension transferred to the bank (in the event of the transfer of pension without the undertaking to transfer)
  • An undertaking from General Authority for Insurance and Pensions or the body entrusted with the transfer of the pension (in the event that the entity undertakes to transfer the pension)


Additional benefits:

  • In accordance with the provisions of Islamic Shariah and under the supervision of a legitimate body.
  • Free insurance policy against death and disability risk throughout the Murabaha period.


* Terms and conditions apply