You can now download the BM Wallet application


With only one click from your mobile, you can instantly transfer money to friends, family, or any other BM Wallet, withdraw cash, and pay your bills. It's the safest and most convenient method of sending and receiving money, accessible 24/7 directly from your mobile anywhere in Egypt.You don't need to have a bank account or credit card to use BM Wallet, all you need is a valid mobile number. 


Get started today in 3 simple steps:

1. Download the application BM Wallet for free
2. Register at any Banque Misr Branch
3. Load your wallet


BM Wallet allows you to simply do the following:


1.       Send Money "Person To Person" - Domestic Transfers - Send money from Mobile to Mobile – to any individual inside Egypt.

2.       Bill Payment - All types of bills – Mobile, ADSL, Utility, Electricity, Water ..etc

3.       Top-Up / Airtime - Topping up airtime for recharging a prepaid mobile account

4.       Purchase - Enjoy buying goods or pay for services from selected merchants using your mobile

5.       International Remittance - Receive International Transfers on any BM Wallet

6.       Online Card - Issue a secured onetime use online card with a predefined limit to be utilized for online purchasing

7.       Cash In and Cash Out - Deposit or withdraw money from our network of banking agents - Retailers or through ATMs

8.       Balance Inquiry and initiated transactions Log.

9.       Favorites - Provides a handy way to keep your most used Bills, Friends/Family, Merchants and Retailers

10.     Load Wallet - Feed your wallet by your BM Debit, Credit or Prepaid cards

11.     Contact Us - Press on contact us bottom to be directed to a dedicated call center agent for support.



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