Government payroll cards


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Banque Misr possessed the best payroll services in accordance with the Ministry of Finance’s system, through issuing smart-chip Visa and Mastercard payroll cards. This resulted in Banque Misr becoming the leading Egyptian bank in the market for the automation of government payrolls, with 48% of the total market share, for the second year in a row. As such, the bank is offering a number of benefits for entering the bank’s payroll system, including:


1.   For employees on payroll:

Purchases and withdrawals with the payroll card

  • Employees do not incur charges when salaries are transferred
  • The card is issued for free and does not incur fees
  • A free mini-statement is issued through Banque Misr ATMs
  • Purchases can be made in retail stores with POS, whether in Egypt or abroad, using the available credit without any commission or surcharge
  • Cash withdrawal and inquiry services through Banque Misr ATMs, without any additional fees, 24 hours a day, every day
  • Cash withdrawal and inquiry services from all ATMs associated with other banks in accordance with the set fees
  • Cash withdrawals while abroad in the local currency of the destination country


Fawry services for bill payments:

  • Payment of mobile phone bills and prepaid credit for all networks
  • Payment of Telecom Egypt bills
  • Payment of internet bills (Link - TE Data)
  • Payment of electricity bills
  • Payment of water bills (Drinking Water and Sanitation Company in Giza, Red Sea Water Company)
  • Various insurance payments (Egyptian Takaful Insurance, Allianz Life Insurance)
  • Donations to major charity foundations (57357 Hospital, Food Bank, Resala Association, Misr El-Kheir Foundation, Al-Shifa Bank, Magdi Yacoub Foundation)
  • Flight ticket payments (EgyptAir, Air Cairo)
  • Payment of American Chamber of Commerce subscriptions


Retail banking services:

  • Personal loans with the lowest interest rates and longest maturation periods
  • Car loans
  • Durable goods loans
  • Credit cards
  • Insurance services for individuals
  • Loans for club subscriptions


Unconventional services:

  • Withdrawal from any branch of the bank nationwide in the event of card loss
  • Issuing an alternative PIN code from any branch of the bank without referring to the commissioner
  • Finding PIN attempts from any bank branch
  • Emergency salary payment service



2.   For the employing entity:

  • Contracting is undertaken centrally with the government entity without the need to launch accounts for employees individually
  • Salary transfers for all employees nationwide through one file, with all salaries dispensed simultaneously
  • No risk of transporting cash to the workplace
  • Avoiding the risk of storing cash in the workplace until all salaries are dispensed
  • Secure financial transactions, where all cash transactions require a PIN number
  • Saving time and effort for the procedures required to dispense salaries
  • Cards can be filled more than once a month (salaries, incentives, bonuses) without any additional charges


Fees and charges


  • The card is issued for free the first time
  • EGP 10 charge for issuing a new card after damage
  • EGP 3 charge for a new PIN number
  • Withdrawal and inquiry service charges, whether from Banque Misr ATMs
  • Withdrawal and inquiry service charges from ATMs with the 123 logo are in accordance with the pricing rates of the national network of banks


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* Banque Misr reserves the right to change any of the aforementioned information without prior notification.