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Recruitment Tips

Find out what can make you stand out from a crowd!

Before the interview


Being well informed and researched is always a great start, our interviewers usually value demonstrated enthusiasm through the interest our candidates take in carefully reading our job description, understanding the organization and relevant services offered.

Make sure you are prepared for the interview by learning about our:

      • Goals & Values
      • Latest news through the Banque Misr portal.

Please be sure to read our job descriptions carefully and make sure that your skills and certification match the role you’ve applied for. It is also quintessential for you to both prepare and practice some evidence and examples about your achievements. 

Be early

Be sure to schedule enough time for you to get to the interview and for the interview. We request that you kindly arrive roughly 5-10 minutes early, no later.

Should you at any point in time not be able to make the interview for whatever reason, please remember to phone the interviewer(s) to make alternate arrangements.

Dress code

Always ensure a professional image through your dress code. The clothing you wear to your interview should fall in line with classic, formal attire; as is customary at Banque Misr.

The Importance of first impressions

The interview begins the moment you arrive. When greeting people, smile warmly and shake hands. Make eye contact and maintain good posture. Remember that it’s important to leave a lasting good first impression.


Be prepared to talk about yourself


You will definitely be asked to do so. Be concise, to the point but thorough and stay positive.
Ensure that you elaborate about yourself just enough to communicate that you are a balanced individual with a positive outlook of life. In general, we strive for individuals that are well well-adjusted, encouraging, and with a pleasing attitude.

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