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Online Express Business Account Opening




The easiest way to open your Business Account online wherever you are The Express Business Account is the first step to managing the business of individual business owners that will contribute to increasing the size of companies / projects through many distinguished banking services specially designed to meet your needs around the clock.

Free features of the Express Business Account

  • Open an Express Account without account opening fees.
  • Issue Debit Card in the name of the company free of charge and without annual renewal fees.
  • Activate the BM Online Business for free, which enables you to complete all bank transactions for the company and review your account statement day by day online with an annual account statement to be sent to the Company’s correspondence address registered in the Application.
  • Issue the Merchant’s BM Wallet and the Electronic Collection QR Code for free to the company, to provide our customers with easy access to their payments.
  Account Specifications
  1. The Account Currency is the Egyptian pound.
  2. Minimum balance of the Express Business Account in the local currency is 5000 Egyptian pounds.
Applicable fees:
  • Quarterly operating expenses of 75 Egyptian pounds only are charged on the Account.
  • BM Online Business Services Fees are applied according to the banking tariff
  • Collection commission applied to each transaction that made by the Merchants’ BM Wallet via the electronic payment code “QR code” is only 9 Egyptian pounds per 1000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The rest of the services are applied according to the Bank tariff.


Press here to Apply 

Notification about periodical account statement

Please note that: As of the periodical account statement for June 2024, your account statement will be sent on a quarterly basis, and you can learn more about the E-Statement service by visiting the following link, Terms and conditions apply.

Corporate Banking Payroll Accounts and certificates

Companies Certificate

Sherkty Certificate: Growing your company’s assets
  • Certificates are issued for legal entities with a minimum face value of 1000 Egyptian pounds and its multiples
  • The certificate has a special feature of a variety of return period ranging from one month to a year
  • The certificate’s maturation period is three or five years, with a competitive fixed interest rate, which is automatically deposited in the certificate holder’s current account
  • Certificate holders can take out loans with up to 80% of the certificates’ value as a guarantee
  • The date of issuance is the same as the date of purchase
  • Certificate holders can redeem the deposited value six months after the date of issuance


Payroll Accounts

Account Benefits:

    • Current account without launch fees.
    • EGP 5 bank statement fees every three months.
    • Cash deposits and withdrawals accepted.
    • The account can be fed more than once a month (salaries, incentives, bonuses).
    • The largest banking network in Egypt
    • Free balance inquiries and bank statements via any Banque Misr ATM.
    • Card issued powered either by Visa Electron or MasterCard (with withdrawal and purchase benefits).
    • Option of issuing a check book for the account.
    • Option of issuing additional cards for the account.
    • Easy access to online banking and voice services (via 19888 hotline), which allow customers to electronically:
      • Inquire about balance
      • Inquire about all account transactions
    • Option to launch subsidiary accounts in any currency and to transfer money between accounts.
    • Access to Fawry services to pay off purchases, bills and donations at ATMs and money transfer services between the different accounts within the bank.
    • Salaries are disbursed on the same day when the financial file and transfer are sent before 12:00 pm.

    Procedures required to obtain the products:

    • Signing an agreement contract to provide the service and launch a current account for payrolls at any Banque Misr branch. The account is fed on a monthly basis.
    • The company is provided with an electronic program that works on any computer to operate the employees’ salaries, and an official is trained on how to use the program for free.
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