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Micro Financing Murabaha

First: SMEs Financing Murabaha (EGP 30,000 to EGP 250,000)

Product Concept A short-term Murabaha program to finance micro-enterprise owners with commercial, industrial or service activities, with annual revenues of no more than EGP 1 million. Financing is provided through Murabaha to the Purchase Orderer or Murabaha through Wakala, whereby the customer signs a contract to finance the purchase of goods. Subsequently, the Murabaha process is undertaken for the customer with an agreed upon profit margin. The total value of the Murabaha (Murabaha sales value and profit margin) is divided over a set of instalments agreed upon between the customer and the bank. General conditions for granting Murabaha:
  • The minimum age is 21 and the maximum is 65 upon the Murabaha maturity.
  • The enterprise must have been functional for at least a year.
  • The customer’s business activity should be within the city, village or center where the Islamic banking branch is located.
  • The activity should not be illegal according to Shariah or prohibited according to the policies of the product (agricultural/animal/poultry/fish/transportation).
Murabaha is granted for micro-enterprises through two main products, as follows:

Product 1

Product 2

Targeted Groups

All clients who are active in the following industries: (commercial - industrial - service) for the purpose of financing working capital and with a turnover (annual sales/revenues) of less than one million pounds for existing projects (more than a year) and with less than 50 thousand pounds paid-in capital for new projects (less than one year)

  • except for the activities of
  • Manufacturing and trade of weapons and ammunition, gambling activities, nightclubs, manufacturing and trade of liquor
  • Media activities, law firms, accounting, legal advising, and brokers
  • Production and manufacturing activities (agricultural / animal / poultry / fish)
  • Means of transportation (whether the means of transportation is in the name of the activity / in the name of the clients

Transportation and excursions offices

Murabaha Sales Value

From 30,000:75,000 Egyptian pound

More than 75,000: 250,000 Egyptian pound

Murabaha Segments and Variations in Value

First Segment

From EGP


Egyptian pounds

less than 50,000 Egyptian pounds

Second Segment

More than 50,000

Egyptian pounds

Up to 75,000

Egyptian pounds

New customers can be granted Murabahat starting from the second slide, provided that the client has a credit history with Banque Misr or other banks, or associations and microfinance companies (MFIs) recognized in the I-SCORE report

First Segment

More than 75,000 Egyptian pounds

Up to150,000

Egyptian pounds

Second Segment

more than 150,000 Egyptian pounds

Up to250,000

Egyptian pounds

New customers can be granted Murabahat starting from the second slide, provided that the facility has a credit history (in microfinance) with Banque Misr or other banks or associations and microfinance companies (MFIs) that are recognized in the I-SCORE report

Murabaha Period

From 6 to 24 months

From 12 to 36 months


The product is provided through all Islamic banking branches


Main required documents:

  • Application for Murabaha for microenterprises
  • Copy of valid national ID card (both customer and guarantor)
  • Copy of the proof of presence (lease contract with a fixed date or ownership contract)
  • New electricity receipt
  • The following documents are required for Product 2 only:
    • A recent certificate from the Commercial Registry
    • Copy of tax card
    • Copy of social security payment receipt

Additional benefits:

  • In accordance with the provisions of Islamic Shariah and under the supervision of a legitimate body.
  • The option of financing street vendors.
  • The option of financing projects managed domestically.
  • The option of financing projects managed by women.
  • The option of financing projects managed through stalls owned by the City Council.


*Terms and conditions apply

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