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Banque Misr Islamic credit card - Kenana

Overview of Islamic credit cards (Kenana):

  • Banque Misr issues an Islamic credit card (Kenana) which allows users to pay off the value of purchases or Sharia-compliant services through points of sales (POS) in Egypt and abroad.
  • The card can be used for cash withdrawals in emergency cases, capping off at 50% of the credit limit.
  • The card works based on the principle of Murabaha covered by Wakala, whereby the bank carries out a Murabaha transaction with the total value of the cardholder's statement of transactions (divided by 12 months) if the customer does not pay the full amount of the debt owed by him on the 27th of the month of the statement of transactions. If the cardholder pays the full amount due in the statement of operations, the Murabaha process is not carried out.


Types of Islamic credit cards

  • MasterCard Classic (Kenana)
    Issued with a credit limit between EGP 1,000 and EGP 150,000
  • MasterCard Gold (Kenana)
    Issued with a credit limit between EGP 3,000 and EGP 150,000


Uses of Islamic credit cards

  • Shopping at all commercial outlets around the world (stores, restaurants, hotels) using the card's PIN code.
  • Emergency cash withdrawals at 50% of the credit limit from all ATM machines around the world 24 hours a day using the card PIN.
  • Purchasing Shariah-compliant goods and services in Egypt and abroad.
  • Payment of telephone bills at Telecom Egypt offices and payment of mobile bills online, in addition to numerous other websites contracted with the bank.


Repayment facilitations

  • The card allows its holder credit facilities to pay for transactions on the card (purchases/cash withdrawals) within a grace period of up to 57 days.
  • The card allows the holder to repay a minimum value, representing the value of the Murabaha premium, as stated in the monthly card transactions statement.
  • Cash repayments in Egyptian pound can be conducted via all branches of the bank nationwide during official working hours and 24 hours a day through the bank’s touristic offices in many hotels and airports.
  • If the cardholder has a current/savings account with Banque Misr, the card can be linked to this account and credit card dues can be deducted from the balance of the account on a monthly basis.


Benefits offered by Islamic credit card (Kenana)

  • Obtaining the Banque Misr Premium card, which enables the cardholder to make purchases at many commercial outlets while repaying the purchase value over 10 months without interest. The monthly installment will be deducted on the credit card account, to be paid as part the card transactions.
  • Inquire about card transactions by subscribing to the online banking service available at
  • Additional cards may be issued to persons specified by the original cardholder from the age of 16 years and up, with a maximum of three additional Classic Cards, and four additional Gold Cards.
  • SMS messages are sent to the customer when issuing or renewing the card, for a statement of the minimum sum required to be paid monthly and during use of the card in any purchases, including the available balance of the card.


Insurance coverage

The Banque Misr Islamic Credit Card (Kenana) offers accident insurance coverage of up to:

  • EGP 5,000 for MasterCard Classic (Kenana)
  • EGP 20,000 for MasterCard Gold (Kenana)


Payment in instalments at numerous outlets


The bank offers a unique service to customers with credit card issued by Banque Misr; cardholders can repay purchases made in various stores in instalments (including Mobile Shop, Radio Shack, Computer Shop, CompuMe and others) over six months or a year without interest. The value of the monthly installment is deducted from the credit card account issued to the customer, with the possibility of making other purchases at the value of the amounts paid, allowing the customer to continue to benefit from this service.


Conditions for obtaining the credit card

  • Applicants must be at least 21 years old to obtain the original card and 16 to obtain additional cards.
  • The applicant should provide evidence of regular income (employees, businessmen, liberal professionals) or a guarantee through one of Banque Misr’s savings vehicles.


Documents required to obtain card

  • Copy of national ID card
  • Recent utility bill (electricity, telephone, gas, water) no older than three months in the customer’s name or the name of a first-degree relative, with evidence of the relation
  • Proof of income according to the following:-



  • An official letter from the relevant department of the employing party indicating the monthly or annual income, the profession and the date of appointment, provided that the letter has been issued for no more than two months, OR
  • Three salary receipts, one of which must date back for a year, OR
  • A bank statement indicating the transfer of the salary, one of which must date back for a year.


Business owner

  • Copy of a recently issued commercial registry and tax card.


Liberal professional

  • Copy of license to practice the profession and tax card.


Proof of income documents for business owners and liberal professionals include:

  • An original or certified bank statement from the past six months in the client’s name or the name of his/her company
  • A certificate from an authorized accountant at the Central Bank of Egypt
  • A tax certificate indicating the income that the customer has declared as the basis for taxation for the last year.

Islamic Branches

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